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Do not sound like that.

Great Music Video

wish you would've done your own audio, the song really takes away and makes it silly.

Top notch pacing though, it DID match the song. i just wish you would've made this to match itself, not the audio. It became a visualization of the song, instead of the song just acting as a backdrop and mood. (as many movies did)

They also did what I said you just did though. So I guess it's all great!

A musical scene from a vintage western. That's what I got. Good job.

AlmightyHans responds:

yeah i wish i had access to a 30 piece orchestra too man, but you know, I'm no hollywood producer.

Holy shit are they in a tunnel or what

Did you record all the voices inside of a darth vader helmet?

Otherwise awesome. Could've used more pause/closer shot before we see what he does tho.

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An excellent game

What made it great though was that you have my Algebra teacher's last name.

Tuttle. Awesome.

Fucking Horrible

I gave it a five.

Keep slutting up the portal.

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Short and sweet.

I made a song using my voice as a synth back in 04 or something. This loop brings back those memories. Thanks man.

That said, the voice-synth really gives away the loop :P

It may be a dead end.

But that's all the world is, its your choice whether you can see over the end of the road. To the next path. Or some other cliche metaphor.

I really love how this is repetitive yet not, like really good. I don't doubt you should indeed ditch the AP and go into RL musical things. Hope so, you're fucking good. I my only complaint is you could of put some traveling effects on it, but I know thats not your style.



First voice acting song I could bare to listen to.

Good sense of the mic space as well.

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This is great.

Just great, I want to see more, MORE. Your other stuff is nothing like this, save some shading similarities.

More of this please.

The horizon is especially nice.


I feel like the stars in the background could be. iunno, farther away some how? They just look like they're coming off the comet as dust. Could use more depth.

Other than that awesome.

A man sat upon a fish.

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