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Opening the Present

2008-12-25 19:59:32 by JackPhantasm

Therein for a descent

Into time, and into space

Unwrap the gift and paper waste

Make tiles out of the floor

Set down coverings

Lap up designs

Comfort comes with warmth

And when one draws the line

Opening the Present

Carousel Of Calling

2008-12-15 23:10:13 by JackPhantasm

What to get up for falling

Down the stairs and awakening

To rabbits in the field

What would you have me do,

That could possibly be done?

Where would you have be go,

That could possibly be found?

What end would we start

That a beginning couldn't finish.

Carousel Of Calling

Circled Into A Square

2008-11-28 01:20:58 by JackPhantasm

Made from fair dares of contradicting wares

Lasting reminiscent memories of past happenings

Coming undone in the breadth of a warm morning

What do you see on the sunrise after the moon sets

What will you do when the day turns in for something darker

When the afternoon turns to the night for a shade nicer

Stars and predictions will bear their faulty colors soon.

Circled Into A Square

Smoke Rises From

2008-11-25 20:48:46 by JackPhantasm

The rubble of creating things.

Energy spent on time.

Product made into something new.

Can you think of anything else?

Could you do something unforgivable?

What would that be.

Smoke Rises From

Can A Man Be A Rock

2008-11-20 09:24:51 by JackPhantasm

Can rock be man?

Could a stone be a person?

Could a pebble be sand?

Can A Man Be A Rock

Wretched Socks

2008-11-12 00:11:25 by JackPhantasm

Can't you wait for shoes?

Why do you seep with sweat?

Why are you so itchy?

What happened to the past?

Run, run, run.

Wretched Socks

But what happens now?

2008-11-05 14:51:57 by JackPhantasm

Time will tell.

But what happens now?

Territorial Decisions

2008-11-05 04:53:47 by JackPhantasm

Crowded divisions hither here

Incisions made upon thy fear?

Or is it merely mapping matters,

Of what was already near.

Thoughts to come;

Days to fade;

A new sun.

Territorial Decisions

What Do You Want To Do

2008-10-12 00:36:00 by JackPhantasm

I'm open for anything.

What Do You Want To Do

Distilled Under A Briar

2008-09-28 23:29:08 by JackPhantasm

Render nutrients satisfactory

Senses are set for sight

Smell ya later

Distilled Under A Briar