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I Don't Appreciate SiezureDog's Mockery

2007-11-27 18:05:32 by JackPhantasm

This is a life changing decision for me and I don't like it when people make light of it.

Know What's Awesome

2007-11-10 20:58:28 by JackPhantasm

It doesn't say "Log in"

It says fucking Jack in.

Like my alias.

It makes me smile everytime.

my dick up your ass

2007-10-26 18:38:36 by JackPhantasm


It's A Beautiful Night

2007-08-10 04:20:43 by JackPhantasm

The inside of the barn was elaborate, to say the least.

Drenched in mahagony and other fine siding, the building was ancient, stinking with time. Rancid with the monotony of history, dripping with realism.

She's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on.

Innocent with concern, the eyes scan into my deepest realms with ease. She opens me like a christmas present, and all of my gifts are there for her to judge.

I'm there for her to enjoy.

I enjoy the fact that she ejoys looking at me.

Despite her age, her gaze delves deep into my peersonality, poking at more mature subjects than I'd like to entertain in her presence. Her youthful innocent presence.

But the gaze differs me elsewhere, to territory unexplored.

"You're an angel."

I relish the skin nof the youth, closing my eyes, licking the inside of my mouth imaginitively.

You can just feel the spirit of this child, it pushes into your mind like a blinding devil, an overwhelming constelletion of fearful participation.

This youth is closer to me than I find comfortable.

But I like it.

"Do you really want to get down and groovy, mister. Feel into my soul mister. Touch me inside, in the way I know to be right, mister.

I'm ready, sir."

Her eyes. They suck out my being and place me in a position of complete isolation. I'm standing still, stopped.

I can breathe, but see I can not.

The girl is there.

I feel her.

I want her.

She's over me, her girly thighs slowly flexing over my fully developed muscles.

I can feel myself.

Becoming aroused.

It's wrong. So wrong.

I feel like a demon relishing the ultimate sacrifice of an innocent youth.

Giving in to evil.

I love the fact that she's evil now.

Her skin is no longer pure.

Her spirit is now in the realm of darkness.

Her lips spread.

And I begin to thrust.

Part Three


Cricket. Grass.

Darkness. Cricket.


"Hard to see at night little missy."

I knew how awesome this barn was. How it's Victorian architecture, the sophistication of it mostly hidden in the dark, swept up into your eyes like a giant wood diamond. Perfectly cut and beautiful.

"A diamond for my diamond in the ruff."

"What ever would you keep in here mister?? Fun? Surprise? Will we find our delight inside the walls of this ordinary human box mister."

"Mister mister.

In the night

burning the fire

of life with

the children.

Showing them the way.

Mister mister.

Sinister wishes

for everyone's


Burnout, burnout.

Fill the room.

Mister mister."

The eyes are so incredibly beautiful. Little pools of thought trapped in a delicate facade, ingeniously crafted to be young and beautiful.

So young. And so beautiful.

"There's a whole circus of thought top fun where that came from lil missy."

Jingle go the keys.

Pop goes the latch.

Swing go the doors.

"Let me show you."

Gravel sounds wonderfully sexy when you roll over it in a small car. It hits your ears with a gentle crunching, almost sounds like you're rolling over the sticky mood of a midsummer night. Each pop and spit of dust blows meaning all over you, like a wave of giant metaphors.

"We're here. Missy."

You look up and it's hard to tell at first, but eventually one begins to see rolling hills. A distant forest, hemming in the fields that surround my land. As big as I am fucking awesome if I do say so myself.

And I do.

"You're rich mister"

"And you're beautiful."


The little one stepped out of the car, her head barely came up past the door more than a foot. Long brown hair, still with those highlights kids have. The ones old woman pray to their golden cattle for. Break their nails over, wash their dry vaginas in shame over.

"But beauty is only the start, mister."

Her hair framed the girlish innocence of the face in a glowing sort of shadow, her light skin echoed the moon. As if the sun itself was shown not only on the rock in orbit above but also down on this angel of a person.

This little angel, with thighs of steel.

It's the bikes these days. The kids won't get off the fucking bikes, it's like dildos for six year olds. I love it. Love it to death.

Makes their figure perk out sooner in life.

"I'm much more than that."

"Well when there's more, there's a party lil missy."

Click went the car door. Snapped shut.

"Do you want to see my barn?"

part tew

It was a quick trip back to my place.

The road curved up around the trees like a gentle lover against their mate. My friend and I listened to japanese showtunes, her favorite and oh to my liking at the moment, my adorable jalopey whisking quietly along the path towards the future.

"Do you live in a big house mister."

Oh, the eyes. Looking at me, into me like pinholes housing mythical insight and vision, piercing through everything with the fantastically skewed guidelines of innocence. All the while singing the oriental oratorium of sounds I could not understand at all.

Those japanese sure are NUTS.

For some reason lots of little girls are obsessed with them. Well, personally, if it makes them at all like the japanese in bed, I think we should hurry up and spoon feed it to 'em their primary source of education.

"My house is beautiful, you'll love it lil missy. Just you wait and see."

"Will we get to do the molesting once we get their mister."

"We'll see."

Good for finding girls. Young ones, you know what I'm talking about hot shot. The ones where their nipples are just perking up, and you can begin to see that musculatory development in their thighs.

F.I.N.E. if I do say so myself.

And I do.

So tonight, I will go out and search for the young unobtrusive lass, one who's watering the plants. The one who's walking the dog. Maybe the one who's babysitting. Or better yet.

The one who is being babysat.

It will be fun. See me now, I'm walking out the door like a true knight of the golden age. I step with a brisk gate that even a man of military background would be forced to admire. A strong, firm step. Like a big walking erection.

And oh how that metaphor fits tonight, my children. The walking erection, how it mirrors the erection in my heart.

The erection for girls.

Young girls.

This sidewalk seems a bit dark, I shouldn't tarry long, oh now, but what's this? A girl playing hop-scotch. At this hour? Is she mad?

"Ho there little girl, yes you there! What are you doing out this late, don't you know there's creeps and all sorts of deep dark things out around this time of night little one? Don't you know. Oh how you should know little one, that there are many horrible things that could happen to a person of your undeveloped stature. This is america afterall, and we pride ourselves on our taste in women."

She happens to be wearing pink. Damn her! Pink. My favorite color! Especially on girls. Especially more so when it's bright pink, and the girl is little.

I tell you ladies and gentlemen if she was just a year younger I'd of fainted right then. Sexiness is deadly you know. Why do you think I'm so dangerous.

"Now little girl, you must not ignore me."

"what mister"

"Yes you! Ha ha!"

"mister please i'm hop scotching my way to the olympics mister"

"well, where I come from little missy, the olympics happen in the bed room"

"The bedroom, mister?"

I could see her little thighs in the moonlight, pale but with color, that light faded color. Like old paper, but healthier. Everytime she hopped, you could see the muscles move up and down the bone. Bone I could break in an instant with my huge throbbing emotion. And every time she scotched, well, it was almost too much.

"Yes little missy, the place where the grown ups go to partake in the special, adult only, special bedtime olympics. Where everyone is a winner and the losers have to clean up the mess! Trust me it's a beautiful sticky mess. Worthy of elephants."

I had only said elephants because I knew how much little girls elephants. I think it has to with the elephants trunk, girls for some reason love how the elephant can spit water at them. I planned similarly.

"Can i play hopscotch at these olympics mister"

Her eyes were so big. Like fucking anime big. On a scale of 1 to fucking ridiculous, this girl had eyes that could light highways. The highways into my heart. And that's where we would go from there.

I decide to take her on this wish.

"Are you going to molest me mister?"

I took her hand.

"We'lll see."


2007-07-18 16:59:38 by JackPhantasm

Hello you! Welcome.