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Thy Owned A Watch

2008-08-20 01:54:23 by JackPhantasm

Singing songs downtown

Coming around to upside down

See you again, see you once see you twice

Se me see you.


Thy Owned A Watch

Tallow spires find solace in starlight:

Cold reminder nocturnal, dark, out of the eye

Unreachable through oscular journey

Sit up, count down, find your contrivance

And, sweeping, the sleep creeps away.


Asunder Erstwhile Noble Crests

Art thou tallied to the weather? Consort for attractive aequo animo?

Breezed by by the by, for a lay of a lie, with allay to the li.

Now fly.

Tetrahedron, Wherefore Thy Anguish

Capital Wills for Capital Hills

2008-07-10 00:23:01 by JackPhantasm

Captioned dragoons, scintillating in the tan rivers.

Capital Wills for Capital Hills

Conversations with the devils.

Iodine Observatory for Undulating Weapons

Where the apple came from

2008-06-20 22:53:08 by JackPhantasm

It came from a deep place. Where trees grow, and things bubble.

Under the earth where the birds dig and the worms walk upright.

Where the sky is the dirt and the ground is the sea.

Where the apple came from

What would you do

2008-06-20 01:50:54 by JackPhantasm

To an apple to large to eat.

Hello Captain

2008-06-18 02:20:09 by JackPhantasm

How are you today.

Oh dear god.

2008-06-15 02:02:50 by JackPhantasm

-------------------------------OH DEAR

Oh dear god.


2008-06-14 00:22:40 by JackPhantasm

Fuck YOU!