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This girl is so hot

2008-01-22 00:09:46 by JackPhantasm

For real.

This girl is so hot

I Unbanned Myself

2008-01-16 18:09:54 by JackPhantasm

Cuz I suck too :(

I Banned Myself

2008-01-14 16:58:42 by JackPhantasm

Cuz you all suck.

A News Post

2008-01-05 12:50:30 by JackPhantasm

Bruce campbell is dead I just heard.


I'm Going To Visit Family

2007-12-24 06:18:39 by JackPhantasm

Should I brutally murder and rape them.

Or should I play nice.

I'm up for anything.


Because it was all about just ice.

This is a new post by me.

2007-12-18 09:43:27 by JackPhantasm

It's so exciting isn't it.

I got My Amp back

2007-12-11 01:24:33 by JackPhantasm

It has a new speaker and everything I am happy.

So fucking happy.

Imagine not having a way to play music and then all of a sudden a huge gleaming beautiful penis comes down from the sky and tells you that ou can play again, and gives you an amp.

Today I Go To Work

2007-11-30 17:45:08 by JackPhantasm

For the first time today I get to work as a Schwan's delivery person.

I drive people food.

And give it to them.

Oh yeaaaah.